Review Policy

Please note: I am NOT currently accepting requests for reviews. I have a huge backlog that I really need to work through. That being said, any unsolicited requests will be declined.

Thank you for considering me as a reviewer for your book(s)! Below you’ll find my review policy. I’ve tried to be as thorough as possible, but if you have any questions please feel free to email me.


Currently, I mostly read young adult or new adult fiction. I enjoy some middle grade fiction as well (think Harry Potter, 39 Clues, Percy Jackson). I am open to reading adult novels as long they are in a genre I enjoy.

Genres I will read: dystopian/pre- or post-apocalyptic, paranormal, fantasy, steampunk, mythological, science fiction, contemporary, and romance (or any mash-up thereof).

Genres I will not read: erotica, historical, anything non-fiction (biographies, true crime, memoirs, etc.)

I read and review books for fun. While this in no way means that I take my reviews lightly, you may find that they are less analytical and more opinionated and light-hearted than other reviewers. You can take a look through my review archives to get a feel for my review style if you’re curious. :]


I welcome requests from authors and publishers, particularly for advance reader copies. Priority is given to books on my to-read list.

I will do my best to only accept books I think I will enjoy and I will attempt to read every book I accept. If for any reason I cannot finish a title, I will not do it the injustice of trying to post a review. I will, however, post a blurb about it and/or share my copy with someone who WILL review it (if requested).

Please include the following in your review request:

  • Title and author
  • Summary
  • Cover art, if available
  • Links to author’s website & social media sites

I accept print or electronic versions of both published books and ARCs but I am not accepting requests for audiobooks.


Completed reviews will be posted here on the blog and to Goodreads and Amazon. They will also be shared on Facebook and Twitter. For ARCs, I will try to post my review at least one week before the publish/release date – provided they are received well enough in advance. If you would like the review to be held until after the book is published, please make that known in your request. Reviews for books that have already been published will be posted as they are read, in the order they were received in.


This policy only applies to unsolicited requests from authors/publishers/etc. Titles that I have requested to review will follow the guidelines of the publisher or provider that I used to to request them.

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