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  • The End of Hosting at Twilight Sleep
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    Hi everyone. It’s been a while, I know. I really thought that things were going to go a different direction with my book blog once things settled down in my personal life. The problem is, things never settled down! I’ve been absolutely swamped with my new business and I not only have no time for […]

  • Updates: BTH Readathon, ARC August, and more!
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    Boy oh boy, doesn’t that title get you all excited?? I’m sure you’ve been dying to know what’s been going on in Shannonland, right? Ok, maybe not but this is my blog and I feel like telling you so take that. Basically, I’m not doing so well at this updating thing. I’m doing MUCH better […]

  • Haha, just kidding. I think I’ll stay.
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    So, scratch everything I said in my last blog post. I’m not ready to just completely give up on book blogging yet. There are a lot of reasons for my decisions (both to go and stay and some other decisions I haven’t even discussed publicly yet) of late and I do want to talk with […]

Behind the Curtain

Hi. My name is Shannon and I like books. And photography. And video games. I use this space to talk about books and particpate in badassery. You can read a bit more about my awesomeness and how Twilight Sleep came to be (the name has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, contrary to popular belief) on the about page. :]

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