Guest Post: Erin Albert, Author of The Prophecy, Talks About Her Beginnings

I’m super happy to announce that today Twilight Sleep hosts its first guest post! I’m pleased to present Erin Albert, author of upcoming YA high fantasy novel, The Prophecy. I met Erin through my fellow book blogger and friend, Jack of The Book Stop. We’ve been fast (Twitter) friends ever since! So without much ado, I’ll let her take over. :]

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First of all, let me thank you, Shannon, for allowing me to guest post on your blog! I am so excited to be here and to share with you and your readers!!

When I asked Shannon to give me some ideas for a topic, she suggested I talk about how I became a writer, so here it goes! :)

I think I have always been drawn to the written word. My parents and grandparents say I started talking way earlier than most children (and haven’t stopped). One day, I wandered around my grandparent’s house and stumbled across a copy of Morris The Moose Goes To School. I studied the book intently for a while and then read it to my grandmother, only tripping over the word “alphabet.” From that moment on, I read all the time, whatever I could find. Books took me to places I could never go in reality. By the sixth grade, I started volunteering in the library. My single mother worked long hours, so I spent my time after school completing my volunteer work then holing up in a corner with a book until my mom came to get me.

In terms of writing, I wrote my first poem at the age of four. My grandparents own a car dealership, so I composed silly rhyming prose that included “A Honda for Fonda.” Um…yeah, not my best work. However, my family made a huge deal about it, and the attention hog inside me squealed with delight at the power of my words. I began writing for fun and, by middle school, had a gaggle of girls chomping at the bit for the next chapter in my latest tale.

In high school and college, I received the opportunity to bring the written word to life through acting. What a perfect combination – words and stardom! LOL! So, I threw myself into acting, eventually becoming the director of an acting group. I even got to write plays and watch them performed by talented people. For a good while, my creative life existed solely in that realm.

That chapter came to a close, as all good things do, but I still yearned to flex my artistic muscle. I turned back to my first love – words. One day, the idea for a story hit me like Zeus’ lightning bolt (gotta find a way to work in Percy Jackson). I wrote non-stop, breathing life into a story I named The Prophecy.

When my friends read and loved it, I decided to give publication a try. I read all the information I could find about the process and tried to steel myself for the inevitable rejections. Let me tell you, I received plenty of them but also a lot of excellent feedback and praise. My family and friends stepped in to encourage and lift me up on the days when I felt discouraged. I would not be where I am today without them.

The day I received my publication contract, I had gone to get my cat some food at the pet store. My phone dinged to notify me of an incoming email, so I gave it a cursory glance. The email’s title said The Prophecy, and my heart sank a little because I assumed the email contained a rejection. I opened it to the words, “Congratulations! We loved The Prophecy and would like to offer you a publishing contract.” I started screaming and jumping up and down…right in the middle of the pet store. I’m sure people thought I’d lost my mind! LOL!

So, that’s my story. The Prophecy releases in November 2013, and I can’t wait! I hope you will be inclined to give it a read. Please check me out on FB (Erin Albert Books), Twitter (@ErinAlbertBooks), and on my website ( for more information. The book jacket blurb, cover, and an excerpt will be forthcoming shortly.

Thank you again, Shannon, for allowing me to “talk” about myself on your site!

Until next time,

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Thank YOU Erin, for being my first guest on the blog!

You’ll be seeing more of Erin around here, I’m sure. Twilight Sleep will be participating in the cover reveal of Prophecy – I look forward to getting to share more of the details of this awesome book with everyone!

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  1. Erin Albert

    Thanks so much for hosting me!!!! <3

  2. Kim

    Erin, I really think a picture of Agnes needs to be on this blog. I am just saying! ;)

    • Erin Albert

      For those that don’t know…Agnes was a recurring character I played–the biggest nerd in school! I’m sure I have pictures of her somewhere. I may even post one on my FB page (Erin Albert Books). ;)

  3. Katie L. Carroll

    Hi, Erin! So excited for you and can’t wait to see The Prophecy published.

    • Erin Albert

      Katie– I’m excited too! I just so happen to have an awesome editor too! I lucked out! :)

  4. Erin

    Erin, I can totally picture you jumping up and down in the pet store, lol! Looking forward to The Prophecy!

    • Erin Albert

      Meradeth, somehow your post says that Erin commented. LOL!

      Thanks, girl! I appreciate your support!!

      • Meradeth

        That is SO random! I totally typed in my name! LOL, it’s Monday, I guess :)

        • Erin Albert

          Even websites get a case of the Mondays I guess. ;)

    • Jimena

      Heehee, I can picture the pet store scene, too! I would so have done the same thing. I loved hearing about your beginnings and I can’t wait to read The Prophecy!

      • Erin Albert

        I’m sure it was quite entertaining for everyone in the pet store. I haven’t been back since in case they remember the insane chick! LOL!

        Thank you, dear!!! <3

  5. denise

    I hope we get to see Agnes!!!! Love hearing how it all began Erin! Good luck!

    • Erin Albert

      Thanks, Denise!!

      Agnes has been posted to my FB site! LOL! Head on over to Erin Albert Books, like the page, and view good ole Agnes… ;)

  6. Mary Waibel

    Great post, Erin! I’m so glad Muse signed you and that we ‘met up!’

    Can’t wait for The Prophecy to release. Good stuff, people. No, GREAT stuff!
    Mary Waibel recently posted…Welcome!My Profile

  7. Erin Albert

    Mary– I am so glad we “met up” too!! You are such a dear heart! :)

    Thanks!!! :)

  8. Yvonne

    I am really looking forward to reading The Prophecy! Would have loved to see you jumping up and down in the pet store, and am wondering if it was as funny as the picture I currently have in my head! ;p

    • Erin Albert

      Yvonne– It was probably just as spastic as you are imagining in your head… LOL! ;)

  9. Danielle

    Erin- I can’t wait for the cover reveal and I am excited that Twilight Sleep will be participating. I am getting goosebumps just thinking about it!

    • Erin Albert

      Oh, girl, me too!!!! *hops up and down*

    • Shannon

      Right there with you Danielle! I can’t wait either and am SUPER excited that we’ll be participating! I have to refrain from badgering Erin about it on Twitter all the time, lol!

  10. Sunny A

    She seems nice. The Prophecy sounds good ;) Great Post!

    New Follower

    • Erin Albert Books

      Thanks, Sunny!! So nice to “meet” you on Goodreads!! :)

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