ARC Review: The Girl with the Iron Touch (Steampunk Chronicles #3) by Kady Cross

ARC Review: The Girl with the Iron Touch (Steampunk Chronicles #3) by Kady CrossThe Girl with the Iron Touch by Kady Cross
Series: The Steampunk Chronicles #3
Published by Harlequin Teen on May 28, 2013
Genres: historical fiction, science fiction, steampunk, young adult
Source: ARC from publisher
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In 1897 London, something not quite human is about to awaken

When mechanical genius Emily is kidnapped by rogue automatons, Finley Jayne and her fellow misfits fear the worst. What's left of their archenemy, The Machinist, hungers to be resurrected, and Emily must transplant his consciousness into one of his automatons—or forfeit her friends' lives.

With Griffin being mysteriously tormented by the Aether, the young duke's sanity is close to the breaking point. Seeking help, Finley turns to Jack Dandy, but trusting the master criminal is as dangerous as controlling her dark side. When Jack kisses her, Finley must finally confront her true feelings for him...and for Griffin.

Meanwhile, Sam is searching everywhere for Emily, from Whitechapel's desolate alleyways to Mayfair's elegant mansions. He would walk into hell for her, but the choice she must make will test them more than they could imagine.

To save those she cares about, Emily must confront The Machinist's ultimate creation—an automaton more human than machine. And if she's to have any chance at triumphing, she must summon a strength even she doesn't know she has....

My thoughts:


I don’t even know how to write this review. What do I say? It was just good. Like, good good. I was really worried about the fate of this series after reading the second book, The Girl in the Clockwork Collar. It was a real drag for me, which was disappointing after the fun excitement of The Girl in the Steel Corset. BUT THE GIRL WITH THE IRON TOUCH DELIVERED.

Our happy band of characters are back together again and things are getting a little cray cray. Griffin’s hiding something huge and before it’s over, his secret will pull everyone into their biggest battle for survival yet.

Emily is taken and not only do we get to learn more about her, we FINALLY get to see Sam exhibit something other than bonehead behavior. Griffin also delves deeper into the Aether, and we delve deeper into his personality and his feelings for Finley as well. Cross’s writing returns to the flawless entertainment that I came to love in the first book; there’s plenty of snark, a whole lot of the super sexy but still mysterious Jack Dandy, and – this is arguably the best part – some REAL romance between Finley and Griffin!

The diabolical villain we came to hate in book 1 is back – and even though Garibaldi’s floating around in gelatinous, disgusting goo, he still manages to strike terror into the hearts of The League of Extraordinary X-Men. He’s genius and insane all at the same time and his capture of Emily and the revelation of his plans make for an incredibly interesting storyline.

And Mila. MILA. I cannot wait to see what happens with this new character in future installments of this series. Speaking of which – IT’S NOT OVER! I thought this was a trilogy but I was rather happily mistaken. There will be more books – and hopefully none of them will disappoint me like The Girl with the Clockwork Collar did. The one thing I found rather unappealing about this book was the in-and-out of Jasper and his frenemy/lover from book 2, Wildcat. I’m sure that’s going to make for an interesting novella or book 4, but it was rather distracting. Not enough to make this anything less than a 4-star run, however!

Another brilliant story by Kady Cross. Steampunk and mystery and romance, oh my! If you haven’t read this series yet, you need to. And then we can discuss our eBay purchases of awesome steampunk cosplay clothes and accessories.

Note: I was provided an ARC of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. The book is set for publication on May 28, 2013. This review has also been posted on Amazon and Goodreads.


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  1. Mariam

    This is a great review!! Omg, I’m so glad to hear an actual romance is going on! I was also pleasantly surprised that this isn’t a trilogy sometime last week.

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