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Shortly after I decided to switch my personal blog to a book blog, I started thinking about how amazing it is to be self-hosted and, best of all, to be a WordPress user. A lot of this thought process came about as I got to know other book bloggers and visited their sites. I saw that a lot of them were using Blogger (Blogspot) and some were using I’ve since learned that some are using other services that I had never even heard of until now (like Weebly). While I’ve met a great deal who are self-hosted, I was still surprised by how many – even some who are popular and well-established – aren’t. I started asking around out of curiosity and discovered that for many who were not self-hosted, the reason boiled down to one or both of two things:

  1. FEAR: they didn’t know much, if anything, about WordPress and were intimidated by it and/or they didn’t know much, if anything, about what being self-hosted entailed and were scared to branch out as a result.
  2. COST: they couldn’t afford the cost of hosting through a big name provider OR had doubts about whether or not the cost of self-hosting was worth even being able to use WordPress since, going back to #1, they didn’t know much about it.

This really got me thinking and an idea was born. I had recently discovered that the plan I pay for allotted me much more disk space (storage space) and bandwidth than I was making use of – or likely ever would. So what if I took a bit of that space and bandwidth and offered it at a greatly reduced price (compared to what I pay) to these very people so that they could experience the amazingness of both WordPress AND being self-hosted? I reach out tentatively and just asked a few of my friends what they thought of the idea – whether or not anyone would actually be interested in it. The response was overwhelmingly positive so I began moving forward with the idea, working on a mockup offering each version of which I shared with a select few for feedback.

There were a lot of setbacks along the way. I did a trial run with someone I considered a friend and it ended up going very badly – that combined with some negative feedback I started getting about certain conditions I wanted to implement had me thinking more than once that this was not the great idea I originally thought it was and that I should just give it up. But I kept tweaking the offering and I kept querying people and the more of a challenge it became, the more I wanted to conquer it. So I continued on.

As a result, I now feel I have something in place that is not only fair, but desirable and cost-efficient. It’s not free – and there are a few conditions which have to be accepted. But I think I’ve built something beautiful and I sincerely hope that someone will find it works for them, even if others don’t. So keep reading to get the details of the Twilight Sleep Hosting program but as you do, remember something that is very important: if there is something that you have a hang up about, whatever it may be, please know that my inbox is open to hear your concern. Don’t read the offering and immediately dismiss it because you saw something you disliked. Let me know about it – because there’s a very real possibility that with some discussion we can find a modified solution that works for both of us. And even if that doesn’t end up being the case, you will at least be giving me more feedback that I can use to improve the offering in the future. So NOW, if you promise to do that for me, click below to see if hosting with Twilight Sleep is right for you!

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