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  • ARC August Kickoff!
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    Wow, August is here! And that means ARC August is here too! I really don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to join TWO readathons but hey, no pressure, right? RIGHT?? Right. So here’s the down low on what I’ve got going on this month. Planning to Read: Planning to Review (already read): […]

  • Beat the Heat Readathon Kickoff!
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    So today was the first day of the Beat the Heat Readathon and I gotta say…so far I am NOT rocking this thing. I haven’t read all day! D: But I’m about to read now, before bed, so I won’t update my progress for today until tomorrow. Hopefully the coming days will be better as […]

  • Beat the Heat Readathon!
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    I’ve never done a read-a-thon before – I’ve never had time to in the almost 4 months that I’ve been book blogging. But times are a-changing! I’ve already responded to Octavia‘s ARC August challenge so when I saw that my bestest frand Jessi was co-hosting a read-a-thon (that, thankfully, overlaps a bit with Octavia’s) I […]

  • ARC August – Challenge: Accepted
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    So my good friend Octavia over at Read. Sleep. Repeat. has issued a challenge: get through as many of the ARCs we’re drowning in as possible during the month of August. At first I was like: But then she mentioned something about a $20 gift card and I was like: Yep…yep…I do have a lot […]

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