I hate hiatuses (even though they’re sometimes necessary).

I’ve put off writing this post for weeks now. I was really hoping I wouldn’t ever have to write it, but I’ve just been denying the inevitable. So.

I am taking a hiatus.

I don’t know exactly how long it will be, but it’s most definitely temporary. I’ll still be around on Twitter, and I’ll still be working on hosting if anyone signs up for that. And I’ll still be reading books. But the reviews may be few and far between for a while.

I do not want to do this.

But my life has gotten even more crazy and hectic than usual lately, so that’s where I am right now. Between moving buildings and starting a new project at work and preparing to move into our new house at home and a whole host of other things that I won’t get into, I just don’t have the time to keep up with book blogging like I wish. *sob*

But things will be changing soon.

My husband and I are currently getting things in place for a new chapter in our lives…and when this chapter starts, I will FINALLY have what I’ve wanted most ever since I started book blogging: lots of free time. *heavenly angel choir sings* I’m already working on things that will make my precious Twilight Sleep even better than it already is, and once I actually have the time you can expect my reviews to pick up in a majorly awesome way. (Publishers, that was especially directed toward YOU.)

So if things are a bit lame right now, and the site occasionally looks strange or does weird things, please just DON’T JUDGE ME. I promise, GLORY WILL RETURN TO TWILIGHT SLEEP. But seriously, I’m working on super-awesome things and I sincerely hope you’ll stick through this with me to see them. <3


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Hi. My name is Shannon and I like books. And photography. And video games. I use this space to talk about books, review books, and generally participate in badassery.


  1. Octavia

    I’LL MISS YOU!!!! Even though I shall probably email with all my non-sense and tweet you with all the randomness. ;)

    But seriously, don’t take too long missy! I’d hate to have to pay you a visit….baring cookies of course!

    Love ya to piece and get back soon! <3

    • Shannon

      YES, SEND ME EMAILS! We haven’t emailed each other in a while!

      And cookies?? Hmm….maybe I SHOULD stay gone awhile. Be sure they’re white chip macadamia nut, ok??

  2. Jessi @ Auntie Spinelli Reads

    You know I’ll be here!!! I love the ‘heavenly angel choir sings,’ lmao! That’s how I feel about scoring extra time. There’s not enough of it anymore! :(

    Anyway, I hope you have a great break and you’d better still be around on twitter! Then again there’s always texting, too ;D

    • Shannon

      No kidding! I find myself wondering all too often what possessed me to start a book blog when I knew I had little to no free time. SILLY ME! Thanks – and yes, the texting! I’ll try not to annoy you with that, hehehehe.

  3. Leanne @ Literary Excursion

    It’s okay, Shannon! I understand it isn’t something you want to do but if you NEED to in order to give the other parts of your life the attention they require right now, then go for it. You know we will all still be here when you get back, patiently awaiting your witty return. And hey, you’re still gonna be on Twitter, so yay for that! :D

    Moving business AND moving house? Shoot just one of those alone would keep me from posting like I want to. (Congratulations on both of those, by the way!) I’m impressed it took so much on your plate to finally put you into hiatus mode. Many people would have had to take a break long before their lives got so busy.

    Lots of free time coming up sounds fabulous! Whatever you’re having to do to make that happen, KEEP DOING IT. It will so be worth all the hard work you’re putting in (and of course the sooner you get there the sooner you get back – purely selfish on my part ;) but idc!).

    I ain’t goin nowhere girl. Get your life stuff done and I will be right here. <3

    • Shannon

      Aww Leanne!!! You’re so sweet, thank you. I’ve been trying really really hard to balance everything but it just hasn’t really been working out so well. I have faith that things are gonna get better soon though. All these comments have made me really happy. I’ve worked so hard to build TS into what it is so far, I didn’t want to lose everybody!

  4. Kelley

    Awwww, I definitely know the feeling! Sounds like you’ve got a ton of stuff going on right now, so a blogging break is definitely a good idea. Glad you’ll still be around on twitter at least. :)

    • Shannon

      Yes, I figured you’d understand. :D I’ll definitely still be around – you’re not getting rid of me that easily, hehehe.

  5. Meredith M.

    When you need a break, you need a break. Life can sometimes get in the way, and that’s okay. We’ll still be here when you get back :)

    • Shannon

      Very true, M – thank you so much! Hope you are enjoying your new blog! :]

  6. Erin Albert

    I’ll miss you, love! But definitely get your ducks in a row so you can come back bigger and better!! ((HUGS))

    • Shannon

      I’ll still be pestering you on Twitter whenever you pop out of your writing cave, hahaha! Thank you for being one of my #1 supporters, Erin – you’re the best. <3

      • Erin Albert

        Yay! “Pester” away!! :) I am happy to support an awesome person like you! And thank you for your support as well!! No, you’re the best! <3

  7. Renae @ Respiring Thoughts

    *camps out on Twilight Sleep lawn (in a not creepy way)* I’ll just be here…NOT being creepy. I’m never ever creepy, okay?

    Hope you have a nice(?) break!!!

    • Shannon

      *comes out of Twilight sleep house with a cane like a rickety old man* GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

      You’re the creepiest of creepy, Renae. Psh. I get creeped out just thinking your name. Renae. *shudders*

      JUST KIDDING. Thank you! :]

  8. Christine @ Oh, Chrys!

    I cannot wait to see these greater things coming to Twilight Sleep! WOO. Wish you the best in your endeavors – especially the new project and move. <3

    • Shannon

      Thank you, Christine! <33

  9. Charlotte K. Fiel

    I know for sure that what you’ll be doing IRL is more worthwhile than blogging, Shannon. So I wish you the best. Don’t worry about us, we’ll always be here to welcome you back. :D Gratz

  10. Cassie

    You take all the time you need and bring us even MORE awesome when you return ;) I hope everything goes smoothly, and falls into place for you Shan! <3

  11. Ashley

    I’m looking forward to this epic free time you’ll be having! :D See you soon! *hugs*

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Hi. My name is Shannon and I like books. And photography. And video games. I use this space to talk about books and particpate in badassery. You can read a bit more about my awesomeness and how Twilight Sleep came to be (the name has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, contrary to popular belief) on the about page. :]

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