Shadow Sight Audiobook Giveaway: Winner Announcement!

Ok, I’m sure someone will probably bash me for this, but I have to start this post off with a little negativity. This was my third giveaway and so far the trend has been ugly. I’ve NEVER gotten a “clean” winner the first time the widget ( chooses one. What do I mean by “clean”? I verify EVERY winner’s entry to make sure that they didn’t try to cheat the system and that they actually did whatever they were supposed to do (for example, “Become a fan of E.J. Stevens on Goodreads” – even when that means sifting through 22 pages of 600+ fans). So when a winner comes up, and I sift through 22 pages of 600+ fans looking for their name and it never shows (or there are 100 Kim’s* but none of them have listed a last name), it makes me a little angry/confused. Did you think I wouldn’t check? Did you think it was a good idea to just leave me your first name (not a link to your profile LIKE I ASKED) and hope it would work out? Well let me tell you: you were wrong. And your entry gets disqualified. And the widget randomly chooses someone else who actually did what they were supposed to and THEY win the prize.

*Note: Kim was not the name of the person who originally won, I just used it as an example. And for the record, in the future I will never use the fan option for Goodreads, only friend. Because for whatever reason, Goodreads doesn’t let you sort fans/followers, only friends. Lame.

Now, all that being said (I’m sorry, but I had to) the winner of the Shadow Sight Audiobook giveaway is……

Entry #139: Kari P.

Congratulations Kari, E.J. and I hope you enjoy the audiobook! Thank you to everyone who participated – be sure to check back for more reviews and giveaways during Twilight Sleep’s Summer of Giveaways!

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Hi. My name is Shannon and I like books. And photography. And video games. I use this space to talk about books and particpate in badassery. You can read a bit more about my awesomeness and how Twilight Sleep came to be (the name has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, contrary to popular belief) on the about page. :]

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