Why Blogger users get no love…

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably seen me rant more than once about how much I dislike Blogger. There are a number of reasons for this (I’m a diehard WordPress supporter, it’s unstable and unreliable, they have no problem deleting your entire site/account at any time without warning, etc.) but lately the number one thing that has been a thorn in my side is the commenting system.

I’m aware that Blogger gives users the option to enable or disable the ability for readers to post comments using Name/URL. I’m also aware that most Blogger users disable that option to cut out spam – and that’s fine, I suppose…but if your blog is hosted by Blogger and you’ve disabled this option, don’t expect to get a comment from me on your blog. Same thing if you use Google+ or any other service that requires account login to manage your comments. Why? Because I don’t have a Blogger/Livejournal/Whatever else account. I do have a WordPress.com account even though I don’t use WordPress.com (I’m self-hosted, which IMO is the only way to truly be) – but every time I try to comment using that account, I get a “Your OpenID credentials could not be verified.” error.

Commenting on your blog should NOT be that hard for your readers. If having the Name/URL option enabled allows too much spam to trickle through, then perhaps you should look into a more reliable blog host like, say, WordPress. (Ashley over at Nose Graze has written an entire post about why you should switch to WordPress so check that out. It’s just better, trust me.) My commenting system allows anyone with a name and email address to comment – and it automatically filters anything it thinks might be spam for me to review before allowing it to show up on my site. Frustration free for you and for me!

So there you have it. If you’ve ever left a comment on my blog and never got one back from me on yours, it’s more than likely because I ran into some sort of issue while trying to leave you one. And I don’t have time for issues. So I do apologize if I’ve left you feeling neglected – I never meant to. But I can’t scratch your back after you’ve scratched mine if you won’t even let me in the door…

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  1. Quirky @ Bitches With Books

    Agreed! I don’t like it when blogs make it hard to comment and so on. I under stand the need or desire to prevent spam comments, but maybe it’s worth going through your spam/good comments to give bloggers a chance to properly write their details. I’m a lazy blogger so if it takes undue effort, I’ll like your post and thazzit. Agreed, glad to see someone wrote about this!

    • Shannon

      I’m glad I’m not the only one! Blogger seems to be the most popular choice for people who don’t self-host their blog and I really just don’t understand why. But I feel as you do – I mean, back when I was writing my own scripts for blogging and commenting I got spam all the time. I’d just go in and delete it – but closing off my comments like that never even crossed my mind because I didn’t want to put people off from connecting with me and leaving me feedback. That’s just me though….

  2. Ann Marie

    I read blog posts all day long and have quit trying to comment on Blogger hosted sites because of this.

    • Shannon

      I am so there. When I pull up a blog and see that familiar Blogger layout I automatically get grumpy.

  3. Ashley

    Great post! And one more thing: the amount of Blogger users who have CAPTCHA enabled… ARRRRGHGHHGHH!!!! That’s all I have to say about that. LOL.

    • Shannon

      YESSSSS, CAPTCHA is the devil! I guess I’m just spoiled because I’ve been using WordPress ever since I stopped writing my own blog/comment scripts – but really….why can’t you just moderate your comments? In my mind, you shouldn’t add all this crap that makes it hard for your readers to leave you feedback just to save yourself a little time – because I’d say 90% aren’t loyal followers and have no problem just moving on instead of going through the hassle!

      • Ashley

        Exactly! And this has happened to me so many times:

        On big meme days when I go check out like 100 blogs, I have billions of tabs open. Usually what I do is open a new blog, comment, then hop over to another blog’s tab while the comment goes through. Then when I see that the page is done loading, I close the first tab. BUT sometimes just as I’m closing it, I realize that there was CAPTCHA so the comment didn’t actually go through. Well, they just lost a comment because I’m not going to go back and re-post it.

        • Shannon

          NO KIDDING. In the words of the (in)famous Sweet Brown, AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FO’ THAT!

  4. Danielle

    AGREED. Oh my god, Blogger makes commenting so hard, I can’t comment on my iphone, my open id creds can’t be verified and i HATE having to comment on my google account because I can’t maintain a singular blogging presence and don’t get me started on CAPTCHA.

    • Shannon

      LOL, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who gets frustrated with Blogger’s crappiness! I mean, I have seriously thrown some hissy fits over stupid commenting issues. Or giveaways that require you to follow the blogger using Google Friend Connect??? I mean, seriously??? That’s fine as an option, but don’t make it a REQUIREMENT! NOT EVERYBODY LOVES GOOGLE OR HAS A GOOGLE ACCOUNT OR EVEN WANTS TO USE THEIR GOOGLE ACCOUNT TO COMMENT ON YOUR FREAKING BLOG!

      • Danielle

        UGH I forgot GFC! That is the worst, bugs the crap out of me for giveaways. Why can’t people just move to WP? At least you’re not at risk of your blog being deleted!

        • Nick @ Nick’s Book Blog

          Because not everyone can afford to be self-hosted.
          I backed up my own blog on WordPress.com as a safety and it immediately deleted my account for suspending violations of Terms & Services, so it’s actually worse than Blogger.

          • Shannon

            Have you not seen all the horror stories lately from all the Blogger blogs that Google has deleted for supposedly violating their Terms of Service? I will never say that WordPress.com is WORSE than Blogger, but I’ll give you that they’re both awful, for various reasons. That’s why I’m all about going self-hosted.

            But you’re right, not everyone can afford it. However, if you or someone you know has been considering it, please check out http://twilightsleep.net/hosting/ – I strive to provide affordable self-hosting options for those who otherwise might not be able to afford it. Maybe I can help?

  5. Octavia

    I love and needed this post! Since I made the WordPress switch it kills me that I can’t comments on some blogs because of that stupid “qualification”! How hard is it to just accept my name, email and website like WordPress lets you do?!? My Google account won’t be around forever (too much spam) and some people don’t even have Gmail! But I’m getting off track…I love this post and as always your fantastic!

    • Shannon

      Why thank you ma’am! I’m so glad you switched to WordPress! Isn’t it so much better??

  6. Kelly L.

    I totally agree with this 100%!
    I recently switched from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress, but every time I want to comment on a Blogger blog using my WordPress info, I can’t and am forced to comment using my Blogger account instead. That might not seem like a big deal…except for the fact that I renamed my WordPress blog so people may get confused.

    • Shannon

      Ooo, another convert! It’s rather frustrating, isn’t it? I don’t have a blogger account so most of the time I just don’t even bother commenting. You’re a much more patient person than I am!

  7. Meagan

    Agreed on SO MANY LEVELS! I make a real effort to go through the blogs that I follow – it is time consuming, time I could be reading – but I do it to support my fellow bloggers, make friends, and get some really great book recs. But if I have to jump through 5 minutes of hoops just to leave a comment, I will pass and move on to the next one.

    Also, I do a lot of my blog reading from my phone while on-the-go. I can’t navigate Captcha, or logins from my phone. So again, those are a no-go.

    My recommendation – get a better spam filter and drop the logins/Captcha.

    That is all. Thanks for Sharing Shannon!!

    • Shannon

      Exactly! I want to support my fellow bloggers as well – especially with me being a newbie, I love to return all the support I get. But if it’s gonna be that hard…*sigh*

      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Christine @ Oh, Chrys!

    A lot of Blogger users are unaware that they have CAPTCHA enabled. I once had no idea I did. While it does prove a struggle many a time to leave a comment, I do not feel that my time is wasted. I mean, I would love for everything to be simple clicks, but I know many bloggers simply cannot afford WordPress. And we all know WordPress.com is worse than Blogger. I am making the move soon as well, and I know that commenting on Blogger blogs will be even more frustrating, but I won’t forget my roots so to speak. Also, I currently have the Name/URL option enabled (with moderation after week old posts), and I rarely get spam actually published on my blog. Very insightful post, and I hope many learn how dreadful commenting can be for readers.

    • Shannon

      Hmm, I get where you’re coming from on the not being able to afford a self-hosted blog (although I will say this – I’ve been with Dreamhost since 2004 – it’s $9.95/mo. for hosting and you can install WordPress with LITERALLY one click – that’s one book per month that you don’t buy to have much better options for your blog). However, I would respectfully disagree that WordPress.com is worse than Blogger. I’ve used both and Blogger is absolutely dreadful – not only because of the commenting thing but the lack of options and control, etc.

      You too are a much more patient person than I am. I’ll attempt to use my WordPress.com account. When that doesn’t work, I’m out of options because I don’t do Blogger or Livejournal or any of that stuff, so I move on. Call it harsh, but that’s the reality of it for me.

      But yes, I hope this post at least makes people aware!

  9. Angela (Reading Angels)

    I have yet to make the switch to wordpress even though blogger is a PITA. I think it’s the idea of all that hassle! haha

    I do have disqus as my commenting system and as far as I can tell it’s set up exactly like your commenting system is (name email is all that is required or you can log in).

    I’ve found this is my favorite commenting system for blogger, very easy to use, allows you to comment back, and it is so much better about keeping out spam.

    • Shannon

      WRONG. Disqus requires you to sign up for an account with them before you can leave a comment. As far as I know, they have never let users just do name/email but they used to allow you to sign in using your Twitter or Facebook account. Now they don’t even offer that option anymore. It’s a terrible commenting system. But that’s just my opinion. Personally, as a blogger, I want to make commenting as easy as possible for my readers – and that means not requiring them to sign up for (or sign in to) something they don’t want to. But obviously other people have no problem with that.

      All I know is that I won’t be commenting on any blogs that use commenting systems like this because AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME. /rant

      • Angela@ReadingAngels (@readingangel002)

        I think it is how the person has set up their blog with disqus. On mine you can click comment as a guest and just use name/email. I can also sign-in with twitter, facebook, google, or disqus. I just tried it with guest and name email and it worked fine.

        There are other blogs I’ve been to with disqus, and they don’t have an option to comment as a guest and some that do, so I really think it’s about how it’s set up by the moderator.

        • Shannon @ Twilight Sleep

          I concede – just tested that out on your site and you are right! I was actually able to comment using just my name and email. I still don’t like that I can’t include a link to my website (this is important to bloggers, in my opinion, for returning visits/discovering new bloggers) but I have to say I don’t hate Disqus quite as much now. Thank you for pointing that out to me, Angela!

  10. Jessica

    I’m getting on that “agreed” bandwagon here.

    • Shannon @ Twilight Sleep

      I guess I’m just spoiled because I started out with the best (WordPress) once I stopped building my own blogging/commenting scripts so anything else just feels highly inferior to me, haha.

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