I have a dream…

This past week I experience my first major disappointment as a book blogger outside of being declined for an ARC: THE REALIZATION THAT I CANNOT ATTEND BEA THIS YEAR.

It crushed my soul, that one. I cried moped for days thinking about all the amazing authors I wouldn’t get to meet and awesome galleys I wouldn’t get to grab. I even went on a campaign to find a book convention that would be happening closer to where I live (therefore more easily accessible/affordable). I don’t know why I did it. Because I knew….I knew…that…


Ok, maybe that was unfair. Sometimes good things come here. Like Daughtry concerts. And…well, really that’s about it. There was Paramore that one time and NIN too…but they haven’t been back since.

BUT IT’S OK. Because I have a dream. I have dream…that someday…the hubs and I will live in a bigger state near a big city where we can go to all the concerts and book signings/conventions we want to. I HAVE A DREAM…that someday we will no longer be oppressed by the rest of the country’s lack of knowledge that the place where we live even exists.


I also have a review to write sooo I should probably go do that instead of goofing off. Right. Well, goodbye!

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Hi. My name is Shannon and I like books. And photography. And video games. I use this space to talk about books, review books, and generally participate in badassery.


  1. Meagan @ Reviewing Wonderland

    LOL – you crack me up! I too am inflicted with the curse of living in a city state that never makes it onto the radar of the publishers/agents/authors. *sigh*

    I have just resigned myself to saving up and waiting it out. I may not be able to go every year, but I hope to make it every once in a while. In the meantime, we can keep each other company.

    • Shannon

      YOU MEAN TO SAY I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE??? I mean, I was seriously thinking I had to be the only person in this thing who doesn’t ever get to go to signings and the like.

      Yes, do join my pity party – we have cookies! :P

  2. Octavia

    This is hilarious! If it helps when I lived in Ohio NOTHING ever came there…I want to say it will get better but, it probably won’t….err at least you can plan for BEA14 now? Thats a plus.

    • Shannon

      Yes, that’s a major plus! But ugh, I know my bank account is going to be hurting afterwards.

  3. Ashley

    Awwww *hugs* I would have loved to meet you at BEA!

    • Shannon

      I know, that would have been awesome! Maybe at some point in the future we’ll make it happen. :D

  4. Nancy @ Tumbling Books

    LOL I love this! I can’t go this year either. I’m fairly close (kind of), it’s a 4.5 hour bus ride, or 30 minute flight, but the hotels are SOOOO expensive! I live in a big city, but nothing happens here either. It’s not fair. New York gets everything. Those bastards.

    • Shannon

      LOL, just who do they think they are, anyway??? Stealing everything from everybody – UGH! Hotels are definitely expensive there…ridiculously so. I honestly don’t know how anybody who’s not rich lives there! But then, I’m from a small town in the country where the cost of living is like 5x lower than NYC so…maybe that’s just me.

  5. River

    I share in your dream. Only, for me, its to be in a country where I can not only go to signings and conventions… But also to be able to buy books in English. Lol. Good luck to us and our dreams (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

    • Shannon

      GANBARE! (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

  6. Kelley

    I knowww it sucks. I have the same dream. :(

    (Unrelated: I find it amusing that the Fruits Basket post seems to show up in the Related Posts thingy for every post I read on here, lol.)

    • Shannon

      LOL, I wonder why that is?! Maybe because it’s so general? Or maybe I just don’t have enough posts in each of the categories to make it more random? Oh well, hehe.

      • Kelley

        I have no idea, but I like it! ^_^

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Hi. My name is Shannon and I like books. And photography. And video games. I use this space to talk about books and particpate in badassery. You can read a bit more about my awesomeness and how Twilight Sleep came to be (the name has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, contrary to popular belief) on the about page. :]

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